About the Live wide open Summit

“Our shared value system is a fabric woven from four threads: neighborliness, generosity, empowerment, and trend-testing. Each thread is indispensable if the world we want is one where everyone belongs and where we can all live in communities that thrive.”

As we pivot to a virtual experience, this quote from West Central Initiative’s manifesto provides a snapshot about this event, yet still carries the message that rural communities need to thrive in new and better ways.

Join your friends and neighbors and experience a week’s worth of presentations that will last a lifetime.  Interact with others over lunch to experience the work and insights of some amazing people who share their take on the most recent data, techniques that work for small towns and rural communities, and discussions on what’s next for rural regions like ours.

And talk about value! Thanks to the Bush Foundation and West Central Initiative, you have the opportunity to attend virtually for just $5 a speaker.

About Live Wide Open

Live Wide Open is a bold new movement to encourage people to move to, return to and, yes, stay in west central Minnesota.

Live Wide Open showcases what this amazing region has to offer, including opportunities for rewarding careers while living close to family, friends and the natural amenities that draw so many to live, work and play here.